The circus of eyes, a tribute to André Bretón on the centennial of his birth, exhibition by Emiliano Gironella Parra.

Six works made with gouache, monotype, xylography and mixed media, as well as a red cedar box containing several monotypes, three bronzes and an “object”, make up The Circus of Eyes, an exhibition by which Gironella pays tribute to André Breton, the French writer, poet and essayist considered the founder of Surrealism. A phrase or a fragment by Breton, LHV Jakov, Shakespeare, Otto Pächt, Luis Cardoza and Aragón, and one by Gironella himself, precede 8 of the 10 works, texts that may serve as a presentation, or perhaps inspired the artist in his creations. Circus of “eyes,” because they appear in Breton’s inkwell; on the four extremes of the cross as the sufferings of Jesus Christ and at his feet; in the center of the bronze flowers, in the red cedar box: all eyes open, almost bare we could say.

The circus of eyes was presented at the Casa Lamm Cultural Center, Mexico City, in 1996.