De la lidia y otros ojos

Two notes introduce the Gironella exhibition: in the first, Beatriz Vidal de Alba, director of the CENART Arts Library, describes the techniques used in the works that make up this exhibition: xylography and monotype, evidence of how Gironella , in his constant search of what to make with his hands, finds the ideal means to express and transmit his treatment of the universe that surrounds him.

In the second, De la lidia y otros ojos, a paraphrase of the title of the Gironella exhibition, Francisco Ahumada Vasconcelos talks about the privilege of artists: creating worlds or discovering them, and the task of the willing spectator: making this experience their own, and discovering new worlds through the world that the creator presents. Eyes that look and let themselves be seen; the dramatic presence of bullfighting as a miracle or revelation; fantastic or unreal faces; faceless eyes that see and do not see, pointing to labyrinths in the works of this exhibition that recognize meaning and secrets, which in many cases are produced without the artists consent.

De la lidia y otros ojos was presented at the Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico City, in 1995. The exhibition consists of 32 works, made with woodcut and monotype printing techniques.