México al filo

“Neither an apology for horror nor a mere symbolization of tragedy,” says Glberto Prado Galán in his introduction “México al filo, morir posterior”, a set of texts that analyze and describe specific acts of decapitation in Mexico as part of the exhibition catalogue. Emiliano Gironella Parra chose as the central theme of his work those killed and beheaded in the war against organized crime. The artist reinterprets these extreme forms of cruelty and violence with his imagination and ironic gesture, moved by “a critical will that reveals the deterioration of a sick society immersed in drug use.” The works that make up this exhibition invite constant reflection on the terrible reality of drug trafficking and drug consumption in Mexico today.

Gironella Parra and Prado Galán combine their talent and creativity in publishing the book-catalogue México al filo. The publication exposes Mexican society to an unbelievable, horrifying reality born within it; a reality that is nurtured and continues to grow under the protective gaze of some, the sideways glance of others, and the blind eyes of more.

México al Filo was exhibited at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe campus, Mexico City, in 2011. The exhibition is made up of 28 works made of mixed techniques on wood and canvas, mixed and resin figures, acrylic and oil on canvas, acrylic and wood carving, monotype and marble dust, as well as bronzes with natural hairs, a wood carving and sculptures encapsulated in methacrylate.