Muerte sin fin

For José María Espinosa, in charge of presenting this book, Muerte sin fin by José Gorostiza is one of the three greatest poems in Mexican literature, along with First Dream by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, and Sun Stone by Octavio Paz.

The poem was initially published in 1939 and has seen various editions since then. This 2009 edition offers the most refined version of Muerte sin fin, which Arturo Cantú includes in his analytic volume “En la red de cristal, Edición y estudio de Muerte sin fin de José Gorostiza (2005). Here the poem is freed from the errata of other editions subsequent to the first, while Cantú manages to vindicate the original structure that sustains the work.

Seventy years later, this commemorative edition is a tribute to José Gorostiza and at the same time a celebration of Mexican letters and poetry.

Accompanying the work of José Gorostiza are the graphics of Emiliano Gironella Parra who, captivated by Muerte sin fin, created a sort of Gorostiza Suite made up of 9 drypoint engravings. The edition also includes reproductions of a selection of sculptural work (sculptural casts in methacrylate) and pictorial work (oil, mixed media and watercolor) — 16 in total — made by Gironella Parra over four years.