Primero el ojo después la palabra

The intersection of poetry, literature and images is a constant in the work of Emiliano Gironella. His themes are rooted in the most diverse manifestations of universal culture and flourish under the mastery of the multiple techniques he handles. In Primero el ojo después la palabra, a tribute to Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Gironella plastically interprets some verses of the poem First dream, which the Hieronymite nun affirms “is the only one written for my pleasure and not for precepts and prayers”.

In this exhibition, Gironella expresses in images the meaning that the words set in verse by Sor Juana have for him, words that in turn express the images captured by her through the eyes of her soul. Yes, eyes first, then the word.

Primero el ojo después la palabra was presented in the lobby of Grupo BMV Mexico City in 2011. The exhibition consists of 13 works of different materials: acrylic, texturi, ink, marble dust and gold leaf applied to monotypes, mixed media, drawing and oil techniques on both paper and canvas. In addition, three sculptural castings in methacrylate and one wood and oil carving are part of the exhibition.