Sol y sombra: tradición y modernidad del arte tauino

When speaking about the Sol y sombre exhibition, Alí ​​Chumacero establishes similarities between the arts of painting and bullfighting: color and movement, light and shadow, movements of the hand arranging distances, spaces, and relationships to create the environment and circumstance that triggers emotion.

Constant in his love of bullfighting, Emiliano Gironella Parra manages to express in this work, and transmit to those who observe it, his deepest impressions while observing the corrida. The risk and uncertainty, courage and intrepidity, but also the beauty of the passes, the right turns, the classic lines forged by two bodies facing death: one with his animal bravery, the other with his human bravery.

Forty-one works make up the Sol y sombras exhibition, presented at the Museum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit in 1997, Mexico City. Emiliano Gironella used different techniques and materials: monotype, encaustic, mixed, gouache, tempera and oil on paper and canvas; tempera and 22-carat gold on wood, as well as bronze in some reliefs and sculptures.