Toros, gallos, canción y tequila

Emliano Gironella Parra has always dedicated part of his artistic work to highlighting popular customs and traditions, recreating with talent and ingenuity the atmospheres that give them life. In this exhibition he adds roosters and tequila to the bulls and the song previously addressed in his work. in a tour of the exhibition catalog, an eye that is not expert but rather that of a spectator could notice the red color of the bullfighter’s cape and the blood that flows from the animal’s back and associate it with the bravery of both; in the ruffled feathers and agitated air as evidence of a duel to the death between roosters; in the hands of the mariachis busy plucking the strings of their instruments, their mouths open- tunnel like- making it clear that they sing at the top of their lungs to accompany the festive music, in an atmosphere where surely those gathered toast each other with the national drink: tequila.